About SDLC

SDLC is committed to business development.

We help you trade profitably, following your marketing strategy and overachieving your sales goals.

SDLC follows the right steps to promote your products and services in specific geographies and markets.

Our dedicated team has strong commercial acumen.


Commercial Representation

  • B2B sales representation
  • Outsourcing serviced sales
  • Lead generation and prospecting
  • Negotiation and conclusion of agreements
  • Participation in trade events and missions
  • Customer relationship management
  • Interaction with business partners

Sales Management

  • Strategy and organization of the sales function
  • Dashboards and sales analysis
  • Sales and Go-to-Market strategy
  • Best international sales practices
  • Recruiting sales personnel
  • Commissions and compensation plans
  • Choose and implement a CRM system
  • CRM integration with other systems

Sales Training

  • Sales Development Life Cycle
  • Professional value-added sales
  • Effective lead generation and prospecting
  • Maximizing the sales funnel
  • Making the most of CRM tools
  • Achieving win-win negotiations
  • Intellimarketing vs. telemarketing
  • Priority, time and stress management for better sales

Our sense of purpose

Our essential mission is to build trusted relationships amongst stakeholders, contributing to profitable business development for all.

Creativity, proactivity, transparency and essentialism guide us.

Making a difference

Our business model differs from the traditional Principal-Agent relationship; we offer a solution to the "agency dilemma" with a structured and professional Client oriented philosophy that translates into prompt transactions and sustained growth.

With rigorous methods and best practices, our attitude emphasizes on results.